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December 2021 Newsletter

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August 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Co-Laborers in Christ,

The farming season, 2020-2021 brought the much-needed relief to Nyazura farmers. Many expected another drought after the devastating one of 2019-2020. Some Nyazura households continue to express gratitude for food relief assistance received from the US during their greatest time of need last year. One resident who spoke to me a few weeks ago remarked, “had that food not been given last year, my family and I could not have managed to till the land this past season.” This is true of most beneficiaries. Today’s good news is that everyone who got the food worked very hard and are now food secure. Although food security is a very important an achievement, the farmers are financially insecure. HPDZ’s aim now is to demonstrate and encourage these farmers to consider alternative crops that have a ready market locally. For example, garlic. 

From Hunger to Abundance

Do you know that this man, since he arrived and settled in Nyazura 19 years ago, he has never had such a good crop. He could not feed his family. But this year everything is different. His association with you has impacted him positively. Look at how great his corn is. He has watched you work very hard and has put it into practice. This year he is going kick out hunger from his household.” These are the words of one local man admiring Ben’s (not his real name) corn field and the impact of demonstration farming. Ben’s harvest gave his family a total of two tones of corn for the first time since 2006. Already, he is working harder in his field preparing for another rainy season. Indeed, he and his wife have enough corn to last them beyond the harvest time 2021-2022. The relief food assistance received from friends of HPDZ in USA last year helped Ben and more than thirty households transition from hunger to abundance. Thank you very much. 

A Working Borehole

In October 2020, a borehole was drilled at our two-hectare piece of land. A five thousand (5000) liter tank was installed. Everything worked very well for a very short period. But soon the pump broke down and the borehole casing collapsed at 24 meters depth. It was shocking and devastating bad news to the village that had hoped to access clean water from the borehole. Early this year a new borehole drilling was proposed and approved after all possible options failed to get the old borehole working again. The second drilling was successful and the casing well done. The new pump is doing very well. To God be the glory. Thank you everyone for your support without which this good news could not be delivered. We are preparing trenches to be ready for irrigation when the dry season begins in February.

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