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Future Plans and Prayer Requests

Future Plans

The following are my future plans with HPDZ:

1. Grow organic garlic up to 3 hectares starting small this February 2021. Seed supplier, market and irrigation water already guaranteed.

2. Start drying vegetables using traditional methods till a suitable solar dryer is in place. Drying to begin with the popular herbal tea leaves (Zumbani).

3. Develop the Land which I received as a gift from the village chief for proper agricultural production starting 2021.

4. Develop a plan for water distribution from the borehole.

5. To teach local farmers in growing trees from seeds and cuttings for employment creation and reduce the impact of climate change.

6. To create an economic environment through the irrigation system by providing a market for cattle manure and employment for local residents who provide labor in sowing, watering, hand weeding and harvesting of garlic/other crops.

Prayer and Praise Items

1. Praise God for the good start of the farming season as more than normal rainfall pours down and praying for an end to hunger.

2. Pray that we could secure a solar dryer.

3. Praying for spiritual revival in Nyazura and Zimbabwe for community and national transformation.

4. Pray that we get Shona language Bibles for the members who have no Bibles although they can read.

5. Thanking and Praising God for Munashe who has completed her first year and has started second year in University.

6. Praying that Bernice pass her Seventh-Grade examination in preparation to join High School in January 2021.

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